About us

huumun is a digital experience business.  We connect life sciences brands with healthcare professionals, patients and consumers.

We put people at the heart of our thinking. And we’re nice huumuns to work with too.

We can help you…

Increase reach

Empower patients

Educate customers

Improve engagement

Bring product launches to life

Increase sales

Please contact us to find out how – we’d love to hear from you.

Our Clients

huumun Philosophy

What’s in a name?

We chose the name huumun (pronounced ‘human’) with good reason. Our work and home lives can be dominated by technology – apps, algorithms and devices. And while huumun is a business grounded in tech, we know that behind every digital interaction is a unique person – a huumun – with emotions, interests, needs and desires. We put these people at the heart of our thinking and the solutions we build,

We like to think we’re nice huumuns to work with too. With colleagues, clients and partners, we do our best, respect each other, and hope to make working together an enjoyable, friendly and rewarding experience.

huumun: putting the human back into digital.