Creating a digitally powered drug launch

Working with a new client – a ‘Top 10’ pharma company – we were approached to create the multichannel strategy to support the introduction of a new rare disease therapy.

A well-defined strategy provided the foundation for a high-performance digitally-driven global drug launch.

Following our initial planning and research phase, we created high-level brand insights, draft user journeys and personas. We then ran a multi-day workshop with a group of sales, marketing, medical and market access leaders, from our client’s global HQ and local markets.

The outputs from this focused and intense co-creation session enabled huumun to create a multichannel blueprint precisely aligned to the brand’s launch goals and strategic imperatives.

This approach led to an insight-based plan and playbook that delivered measurable results in execution.


“Getting in on day one and working with our client’s marketing and medical specialists, we designed and executed a digital strategy to hit all their ambitious launch targets. This resulted in a slick, digital, multi-channel platform for a major global launch.”