Changing lives, with patient access solutions

Challenged to make it easier and faster for patients to gain access to life-saving medicines in hospitals, we used a technology-driven approach to transform traditional product enquiry, ordering and supply processes.

Our multidisciplinary team designed and built a web platform to act as both an educational resource for HPCs, but also a simple and easy way to order these life changing treatments – all in one user-friendly place.

Our bespoke Medical Gateway is a fully hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. It allows physicians to register individual patients onto numerous access programs, whilst also providing them useful treatment resources and training.

Integration with our cold-chain distribution partner makes it easy for hospital pharmacists to order and coordinate shipments. And this means reduced treatment lead times, from days and weeks, down to just 24 hours.

The first patients registered for access within two hours of the Gateway’s launch. On the back of this success, three further programs have been launched, with more in development.


“Since its launch, we have seen thousands of patients gain access to life-saving treatment through this channel. It is one of the projects of which we are most proud at huumun.”