Building relationships through web personalization

Having a single online go-to resource for all your brands is a goal for many companies.  That’s why a ‘Top 10’ pharma company invited us to support their planned launch of a multi-brand portfolio. To help meet this challenge we created a fully responsive online portal for healthcare professionals, covering all of their products and therapy areas.

Looking at the whole journey and putting the customers at the heart, we created a bespoke platform designed with them in mind. Developing personas and user journeys and building from there, we provided a truly intuitive, valuable and user-friendly resource.

The platform was complemented by a full content strategy including search optimisation, owned & paid media and an editorial calendar. A playbook, and a training package, enabled fast and simple localisation of the portal into multiple local markets.


“What was originally considered an impossible ‘unicorn’ project transformed into a personalized experience to build trust and retention with healthcare professionals.”