Building relationships through web personalization

We created an interactive portal to deliver highly personalized content featuring product and therapy area information, together with a range of tools, practice resources, news and events.

What was once considered an impossible ‘unicorn’ project transformed into a personalized experience to build trust and retention with healthcare professionals. Our UX expertise enabled us to explore deeper user requirements, from personas to user intent, to deliver content matching the interests and motivations of individual site visitors.


“I am really excited at what you have created - the digital transformation this represents, and the opportunity this gives us to engage in impactful ways with customers in order to deliver more value.”

Bringing digital power to a global brand launch

Getting in on day one and working with our client’s marketing and medical specialists, we designed and executed a digital strategy to hit all their ambitious launch targets. This resulted in a slick, digital, multi-channel platform for a global blockbuster launch.

We delivered interactive eDetails for clinicians in 60 countries, built and deployed a global brand website with local language versions, developed budget impact models for national markets, and ensured seamless third-party integration for web banners, rapid-launch emails and authentication systems. The platform’s built-in data collection capability allows the client to fine-tune content to meet healthcare professionals’ needs.


“An amazing year! Over 40,000 engagements with our customers in digital channels – a lot of this increase is as a result of hard work from the huumun team.”

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Turning numbers into narratives

With our advanced data visualisation techniques, we unlock the power in your data to tell the story behind the numbers.

For ViiV Healthcare, we worked with a large clinical trials data set, to design and build an interactive dataviz platform that allowed healthcare professionals to explore details of individual patient treatment experiences.

The result was TIGGER – a dynamic and fully interactive dataviz platform for Veeva (iPad) and conference touchscreens, allowing healthcare providers to swiftly identify the benefits of ViiV’s drug for patients.

Over time, this scalable solution grew to include eight Phase III/IIIb clinical trials with multiple data endpoints covering efficacy, resistance, viral load, adverse events and quality of life.


“TIGGER elevates the level of interaction between ViiV and our customers, allowing them to explore the data they’re interested in, helping them to understand the safe and effective use of our drug.”

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we at huumun, we know our onions.
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patients' lives

Our experienced medical team develops communication strategies for healthcare professionals to engage patients in the science behind their health.

Using digital solutions, we designed and built a web platform to enable healthcare professionals to improve access to life-extending treatments.

We built and now run a bespoke Medical Gateway that enables physicians to register individual patients onto numerous access programs, according to their needs. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution includes branded and non-branded pages, patient outcome algorithms, a doctor eLearning module and vital access for pharmacists to coordinate shipments.

The first patients registered for access within two hours of the Gateway’s launch. On the back of this success, three further programs have been launched, with more in development.

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