Complete digital

We partner with the world’s leading life sciences companies and make it our mission to understand and address the unique challenges you face.

And we help you address them with a complete mix of smart digital technologies.

Our human-centered approach and creativity mean that we build usable, useful and highly engaging solutions. We do this with an expert team spanning scientific & medical communications, UI/UX, creative design, software development, digital marketing, data science and analytics. All working in harmony to deliver digital strategy, multichannel and omnichannel marketing, edetailing, web and app development, data visualization and much more.

Our Work

Discovery-driven Digital Strategy

Through workshops and co-creation sessions (face-to-face or online), we develop digital strategies that integrate with your sales, marketing and medical mix. We craft user journeys and personas that align with your brand's strategic imperatives and scientific messaging.

Our detailed playbooks and blueprints make sure that everyone has a clear vision and plan. Helping to move seamlessly from strategy to execution, and delivering positive results.

An engaging experience across all channels

Our integrated digital programmes create more meaningful conversations with your customers, across a veriety of channels and touchpoints. From global launches to a single market solution, our unique mix of skills delivers multichannel and omnichannel excellence.

A full range of services underpin every solution we build. We don't take on part of the job: we manage the design, build, deployment, and support of every multichannel program we deliver.

Websites that Work

From a simple and clear brand website for your local market, to a global portal for healthcare professionals, huumun has the experience to deliver a solution that resonates with your audience. We work as an extension of your own team to deploy a web presence designed specifically to achieve your objectives and meet the needs of your audience.

Our UX insight, creative excellence and technology expertise means we create digital experiences that are intuitive, empowering and measurable.

Delivering the best experience in remote engagement

huumun has been providing interactive solutions for remote engagement since 2003 including:

  • Digitising pre-existing medical and commercial assets from print, PDF, PPT and other formats into interactive HTML5 content for web access on mobile and desktop devices
  • Self-led, web-based edetailing: for HCPs to learn more about your products at a time and place convenient for them
  • Co-browsing solutions - driven by the sales representative or MSL, and viewed at the same time by the healthcare professional, regardless of location

We create solutions in the most flexible way possible to span the full range of potential engagements, in a congress setting, face-to-face, remote or self-led experience.

There's an app for that...

 ...but in pharma and healthcare it's important that your app developer puts your users front and centre. We've been building apps in the sector since 2003, and we know what makes them useful and usable for healthcare professionals, patients and families.

When many pharma companies are looking to progress to a 'pill+ model, a suite of relevant apps can assist in creating a service layer that provides support beyond the pill.

We can help with that.

Unlocking insight from data

Life sciences companies generate huge quantities of data, from R&D, to clinic trials, to real world evidence, and commercial operations. Data visualisation can bring this data to life.

Our science and data visualisation solutions, combined with our deep medical knowledge, help to unlock transformational insights from your data. Put simply, we turn numbers into narratives.

We offer an end-to-end service, from strategy and data analysis to design and build. We're not restricted by channel so whether it's a stunning conference solution, a web dashboard for remote engagement, or an iPad version for your field medical or commercial team, we can evaluate and deliver the most informative and engaging solution.

Empowering Launches in the New Normal

The pharma industry is increasingly away from the classic blockbuster model, patent cliffs are rapidly approaching, and new launches are smaller and more competitive. Add to this a decline in traditional face-to-face interactions and you can see that new product introduction in pharma is a far from simple process.

An effective digital engagement strategy is now a 'must have' for any brand launch.

Supporting the overall sales, marketing and medical mix with the right web, edetail, email, data visualisation and remote engagement platform can make all the difference between a "me too" and a winning launch.

At huumun, we have developed highly successful omnichannel programmes for regional and global drug launches. We can help you get to the start line in the best shape for success.